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What is Laptop Lesson

Finding the ideal laptop becomes a challenging task when you look for it for any particular job. For example, if you’re looking for a laptop for financial advisors, Matlab, biology majors, aerospace engineering students, outdoor use, etc.

However, now that you’re in Laptoplesson, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. Here you’ll find the best laptop with expert suggestions as it is operated by a team of computer experts from different professions.

Every team member is committed to giving their best efforts to guide you to the best laptop without wasting your time and energy. We’ll make sure you get the best laptop for your specific task.

Our Team

Brian Clark

Brian is the founder and technical writer of the Laptoplesson. He completed his graduation in computer science and engineering and then started a laptop selling business. As Brian operated his business alone, he has to deal with all of his customers. While dealing with the customers, he found that most of his customers don’t have proper knowledge about laptops for a specific task. Therefore they purchase the wrong one and don’t get the expected benefit from their laptop. To help them in buying the right laptop based on their activity,  Brian created the Laptoplesson.

Gilbert B. Swopes

Gilbert is the chief editor of Laptoplesson. After completing his study in computer hardware engineering, he started a laptop repairing shop. It’s been almost nine years since he’s in this profession. Because of his knowledge, skills, and experience, we offered him to join us and he willingly accepts our proposal. Now he’s the chief editor of our site and under his supervision, our research team conducted their research and investigations.

Jack K. Barr

Jack is the project manager of Laptoplesson and technical writer. He worked for a renowned laptop manufacturing company for almost seven years. Because of this, Jack has a profound knowledge of computer hardware. Now jack is handling all of our projects and leading the Laptoplesson from the front line.

Our Review Process

We start our review process by diving into the product market. Our research team deeply investigates the market to understand its present condition and the consumers’ demands.

Our research team analyzes the top products of the famous brand and identity their key features to understand what makes them highly popular among the users. Then we study the reviews of those products and note down their advantages and downside.

Once our expert team completed the product analyzing process, they delivered the research data to our writing team. The writing team rechecks the data, writes an in-detail review based on the research data, and provides a complete guideline for our readers.

Our Testing  Methodology

Researching The Market And Product

We have a specialized research team who investigate the trend and novelties of the market and the product we’re reviewing. Our investigations team does in-depth research on the best products on the best brands.

Identifying The Core Features

Once our team completes the market research, they list the best product from different brands. Different brands offer additional features to attract customers and increase the product price.

Most of these features are not essential for some users, and by purchasing that product, they are paying extra money absolutely for nothing. Therefore, our team separated the product’s core features and segmented our product based on essential features that users need.

Product Selection

After identifying the main features of a product, we narrowed down our primarily listed products and got the final product list. We pay extra attention to the top-selling products that are vastly popular among the customers during the product selection process.

Review Analysis

None of our product reviews processes were completed without this stage. We studied the reviews of genuine buyers to get a real-life experience of that particular product. We noted down all the benefits and downside of the product from the user’s thoughts and verified them when our expert team analyzes the product.

Ranking The Product

Every single product that is listed on this site has to pass our product ranking stage. Our expert team scores our listed products based on their characteristics, features, quality, and price. The product gets a higher score means the best product compared to others, and it gets the top rank. And, we only listed the top-ranking product to ensure you get the best one.

Writing Reviews

Once our research and expert teams completed their investigation and analyzing process, they handed the data to the writing team. From the above data, the writing team writes an in-depth review of the top-ranking product.

Buying Guide

Preparing the buying guide is the final stage in our product reviewing process. We make a complete buying guideline with the summation of all our research findings. Through buying guide, we make sure you get the best product within your budget and requirement.

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