Cannot Install Matlab on My Windows 10 Laptop [Fixed Matlab Installation]

Have you tried installing MATLAB on your computer and experienced difficulty installing the software? Don’t worry; sometimes, if you cannot install MATLAB on my Windows 10 Laptop, it’s because of some common issues you need to check and resolve.

Some reasons you cannot install MATLAB on Windows 10 laptops are firewalls, antivirus, system requirement compatibility issues, outdated software, lack of administrative permissions, corrupt software installer, etc.  Sometimes, you can encounter several problems even with the activation key.

Let’s consider the common reasons in detail and identify how to fix these issues when they occur.

What Are the Possible Causes Of MATLAB Not Installing On My Windows 10 Laptop?

The most possible causes of MATLAB not installing on a Windows 10 laptop include these issues:

  • System requirement compatibility
  • Old software
  • Firewalls
  • Old software
  • Corrupt software insiders
  • Administrative permissions

We’ll look into the issues in detail and bring a solution to the possible cause below.

MATLAB Not Installing On My Windows 10 Laptop

To run the MATLAB software properly on your system, you need to purchase the MATLAB License from the Mathworks software. Also, you need to download Mathworks from the net.

However, sometimes, even after installing Mathworks on the internet, you might encounter many problems in getting the software run. Below are a few causes why the MATLAB is not installing on your system:

1. System Requirement Compatibility

The MATLAB program won’t install on your system if the laptop or desktop cannot meet the system requirements. In addition, hardware components below the requirements of the MATLAB will most likely return software installation crashes and errors.

In that case, the best solution is to get a good laptop for Matlab that meets the installation requirements of MATLAB and beyond.

2. Administrative Permissions

When installing MATLAB on your system, ensure that you’re a local administrator. If you are a guest user trying to install the software, it may return an error message. This is because the local administrator has total access to every setting on your computer.

3. Antivirus and Firewalls

Most security software programs will understand the MATLAB installation process as a false alarm. Thus, these security programs resist seamless installation and can frustrate your plans and expectations.

4. Software Is On a Network Drive

If you’re installing MATLAB or any of the Mathworks software, make sure you’re not installing from a network drive. Installing from a network drive will cause the installation to crash.

5. Using older software

If you install outdated MATLAB software on your Windows 10, you will probably stumble upon a crash. This is because some of the outdated MATLAB software is incompatible with new laptops and their components. Whereas some don’t even function on Windows 10 at all.

6. Missing Environment Variables

Sometimes, installation may not work because of the firewall, antivirus, or some missing environment variables. For example, variables like the JAVA_OPTIOINS and JAVA_TOOLS_OPTIONS can be missing and need to be installed manually.

7. Corrupt Software Installer

While installing the software, if it keeps on encountering crashes and returning crash logs, then it’s probable that the installer is corrupt. A corrupt software installer can cause some files or environment variables to be deleted.

8. Outdated Visual C++ Software

During the process of installation, using outdated Microsoft Visual C++ software can cause the process to be iterative and not install.

How To Fix Cannot install MATLAB on my Windows 10 Laptop

While there are many causes of MATLAB installation crashes, here are a few solutions to the above-stated problems.

Cannot Install MATLAB on My Windows 10 Laptop

1. Install the Programs as a Local User

To properly install MATLAB, ensure that you are the local administrator. This will grant you full access to interacting with the installation wizard/dialogue box.

2. Either Disable Firewall or Whitelist MATLAB

Before installing Mathworks, MATLAB, or any other Mathworks product you want to install, either disable the firewall or antivirus. In addition, be sure to make an exception on the program, keeping Matlab on the white list if you’ve downloaded it from the official Mathworks website.  This will enable you easily install MATLAB into your Windows 10 with no restrictions.

3. Re-download your MATLAB installer

The problem might be an issue with the target installation directory. So, delete the installer from the directory and download a new one. Then rerun the software installer. Also, delete the folder from this path (C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\MathWorks\MATLAB\R20XXx) as well if:

  1. If a prerelease is already installed on the system. Uninstall the MATLAB prerelease and then run the installer again.
  2. If you have the R2018a or much older versions, its files may be corrupt already or damaged and incomplete. First, remove all the installations from your computer and then rerun the latest installer.

4. Use the Latest Version

You should have the latest versions of Mathworks and Microsoft Visual Studio C++ re-distributed version installed on your laptop. Also, ensure that you have installed compatible software programs installed (x86 version for 32-bit and 64-bit version for 64-bit architecture). The installation process is free for all of them, and there is also the student version available.

Note, if you’re installing a MATLAB2021b, we recommend that you have a Visual C++ of 2018 or above in order to avoid any recurring problem.

5. Use an older MATLAB version

If you’re installing a MATLAB2021 or other recent versions, and it displays a “Read timed out,” uninstall the current MATLAB version and erase its registers in the REDEDIT window. After that, ensure to download and install an older version of MATLAB.

6. Additional Fixes

Also, while accessing the Mathworks platform from MATLAB, you can encounter a “Connection Error” that keeps going in an uncomfortable loop. In this problem, when you click the “OK” button, it takes you back to the previous page.


First, you have to click on your Windows key on your keyboard, locate the Start Menu. Then click on the Search icon and search for “Environment Variables.”

As the Environment variable segment opens, execute the following steps:

  1. Just right under the System Variables, choose “New.”
  2. Next, input the first variable name to be “JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS” and set its value to be “” (Input these without the quote characters).
  3. After that, choose “New” once again.
  4. Then input the second variable name to be “JAVA_OPTIONS” and set its value to be “” (Remember to input all the characters without the quotation).
  5. Select the OK button to save it.
  6. After doing that, re-run the installer.


MATLAB is a powerful and sophisticated tool for futuristic programming, engineering, and Artificial Intelligence. It’s also accessible to college students who are interested in creating and training software models and applications, etc. However, installing MATLAB can be a frustrating problem if you don’t know what to do.

You might also wonder why I cannot install MATLAB on my Windows 10 laptop. Therefore, we’ve featured the possible underlying problems and the solutions to them to install the tool properly. We hope this guide has helped you get this done in the right way.

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