Why Is My Laptops Battery Draining So Fast – Effective Solutions

Why Is My Laptops Battery Draining So Fast? It’s the most common query that every laptop owner has. The primary reason to experience reduced battery backup compared to usual is an old or discharged battery.

Alongside old or discharged batteries, several issues like battery calibration and hardware problems also contribute to battery draining. Well, if you’re also facing battery issues with your laptop, you’re in the right place.

Here we will give you some solutions that you can apply to use your laptop without charging frequently. Stick to this article to find those effective solutions to get rid of the short battery life on your laptop.

Why Is My Laptops Battery Draining So Fast

A laptop is used not only for work-related activities but also for educational purposes. Use a laptop for education because this gadget offers internet access, mobility, offline operation, instant result, and many more.

And nowadays, laptop manufacturers are making different types of laptops for students of different subjects with specific features. That means along with finding a laptop for biology students; you’ll find a quality laptop for all subject students.

Why Is My Laptops Battery Draining So Fast

Well, no matter what quality or brand of laptop you are using, laptop batteries can often start to drain after months or years of use. Yes, you can fix the draining issue, but before that, you must know what causes this battery reduction.

Well, here we’ve included some of the key reasons or factors that contribute to laptop battery draining. Have a look:

1. Old or Damaged Battery

All laptop batteries come with a specific usable time and using a laptop for a long period will damage the battery. Most laptop batteries offer an average life of 3 years and after that, using the same battery for a long time can require a frequent recharge.

Old or Damaged Battery

2. Display Brightness

Laptop brightness settings can significantly cause battery draining of your laptop. Using your laptop with high brightness will require extra power for operating and cause more power consumption. Maximum brightness is harmful to your laptop’s battery and your eyes as well.

Display Brightness

3. Power Setting Issue

Another common reason that laptop batteries drain faster is the wrong power setting. Always make sure that your laptop’s battery setting is in the Balanced mode so that your laptop will consume less battery power.

Power Setting Issue

4. Hardware Issue

Issues in the CMOS battery or brightness sensor can cause your laptop battery is draining so fast. This type of issue basically occurs after updating firmware or any kind of software.

Hardware Issue

5. Intensive Programs

When many programs or software are running in the background will cause more battery power consumption. The laptop battery depletes at a high rate when you keep software like video games running in the background.

Intensive Programs

6. Using External Devices

Using external devices unnecessarily when your laptop is in sleep mode will drain more power. We usually forget to remove external devices like headphone and speakers when our laptop is in sleep mode and that drain battery faster.

Using External Devices

7. Prolonged Use

Prolonged use is another reason that causes fast battery draining faster. When you use your laptop for a long time without giving it a break, several issues like overheating will occur. And overheating can put a significant impact on your laptop’s battery life.

Prolonged Use

8. Virus

Several types of viruses, including malware, can cause many problems in your laptop, and battery draining is one of them. Not using any antivirus program can cause virus issues in your laptop.


9. Using the Backlit

Backlit is used to type the keyboard in dark condition and also give your keyboard a cool look. However, you may not know that using backlit can significantly impact your laptop’s battery life.

Using the Backlit

10. Connecting Wireless or Network Access Device

It’s common to keep connection wireless or network access device active when you’re not using them. Unnecessarily connecting wireless programs like Bluetooth and network programs like Wi-Fi can cause laptop batteries to drain quickly.

How To Fix The Laptop Battery Draining so Fast Issue

There are several ways or solutions you can follow to fix the battery draining issues you’ve had in your laptop. Here we’ve included some of the effective solutions that you follow. Have a look:

How To Fix The Laptop Battery Draining so Fast Issue

Adjust the Screen Brightness:

You already know that using your laptop with 100% or on a high brightness will cause battery draining faster. Therefore, using a laptop with an adequate brightness level will let your laptop run longer. And the best solution will be to use the laptop with 40% brightness which is also known as the power saver option.

Turn Off Keyboard’s Backlight:

Nowadays, most laptops come with backlit, which is also the most power-hunger component. So if you really want to increase your laptop battery’s lifespan, then you should turn off the keyboard’s backlight. And it’s relatively easy to turn off the backlight, follow the following path:

Go to the Control Center > Mouse and Keyboard

From this option, you easily turn on and off the keyboard backlight of your keyboard.

Adjust the Power Settings:

Another simple solution that you can do to reduce the battery draining of your laptop is adjusting the power setting. Go to the setting option and set a time duration for the sleep option. Follow the following path:

Settings > System > Power & Sleep

Now set a sleep timer or a screen time when your laptop screen will automatically turn on. This simple solution can save a lot of power and not drain your laptop’s battery faster.

Configure the Network Connections:

A lot of networks connections are another core reason your laptop battery is draining faster. So to reduce the battery draining issue, check all the connections and remove unnecessary ones. Here is how to do it:

Go to the Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network connections

Here you can check all the connected network connections and remove the unwanted ones.

Remove Unwanted Peripheral Devices:

Along with the network connections, several peripheral devices can also cause fast draining of your laptop’s battery. Well, there are several types of peripheral devices, including CD, DVD, USB drive, Wireless mouse, Bluetooth speaker, and many more.

You may not use all of them at the same time, so simply remove the unwanted devices or connections from your laptop. Follow the below-mentioned path to do this simply tap on the device icon from the taskbar and right-click the device or connection you want to remove.

Stop Unnecessary Programs from Running:

Another effective solution to reduce the battery draining issues is to stop all the unnecessary programs from running. Sometimes you may open several programs that you need to keep open all the time.

So simply check all the running programs and stop the unnecessary ones. Here is how you can check all the running programs:

Go to the settings > Task Manager or you can click Ctrl+Shift+Esc at the same to launch the running programs menu. Once you see the background running programs list, simply remove the unwanted one.

Disable Fast Startup

Fast Startup is another program that consumes a lot of battery. To disable this program to resolve battery draining issues. Here is how to do this:

  • Click on the Windows button then Settings and then tap on System.
  • From the power and sleep window tap on Additional power settings.
  • Select Choose what the power buttons does and click on Change settings that are currently unavailable.
  • Now uncheck the Turn on fast startup option and tap on save changes.

Once you’re done, restart your laptop, and you’ll start getting the result of your laptop’s draining issues.

Here we’ve tried to include some of the effective solutions that you can try to reduce your laptop’s battery draining issues. Moreover, always give your laptop a break after using it for a long time. If none of these solutions works, it’s probably time to replace your laptop battery.

Final Thoughts

Having or using a laptop with battery issues can be a real frustration. And it is not always the battery is old, which is why the battery is not functioning well. Sometimes, brightness, software, and hardware issues also lead a big role in compromising the laptop’s battery life.

Well, if you’re also experiencing battery draining issues in your laptop, follow one of our mentioned solutions to extend the battery life. All the solutions are effective enough that will let you get rid of issues like charging your laptop frequently. And, you don’t have to go anywhere and find the solutions of why is my laptops battery draining so fast or other related issues.

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