How To Charge Laptop With HDMI – Everything You Need To Know

Charging your laptop using HDMI!

Sounds weird, right?

Why would someone want to use HDMI to charge a laptop in the first place?

Well, you never know. Your charger might malfunction right when your laptop battery is dying. You can also misplace your charger. When you urgently need to charge your laptop and can’t use your charger, there is always an alternative, HDMI.

So, how do you charge a laptop with HDMI? You can charge a laptop using HDMI in two ways. First is through HDMI to HDMI and another is through HDMI and type C cables. The first method only works when your laptop has an HDMI port. However, if your laptop lacks an HDMI port, then you can connect the HDMI cable to a Type C cable.

It is always advisable you charge your laptop using the provided laptop charger. These methods can only be used in extreme measures where you have no other option.

Join me below as we learn more about how to charge a laptop with HDMI.

Can we Charge a Laptop using an HDMI Cable?

The first thing you probably want to know is whether it’s possible to charge a laptop using an HDMI cable.

Before you laugh!

Yes, you can charge a laptop using an HDMI cable. If your charger is damaged or lost, you can use an HDMI cable to charge your laptop, at least until you get a new charger.

I recommend using an HDMI cable to charge your laptop, only when you have no other option. Otherwise, use your laptop charger.

HDMI cables lack the standard regulator on chargers. As such, they will not provide laptops with the right amount of voltage. Instead, HDMI cables provide a tiny amount of electricity that can only power your laptops in case of emergencies.

So, in a way, an HDMI cable can come in handy and charge your laptop.

How To Charge a Laptop With HDMI?

There are two methods you can use to charge a laptop with HDMI. The first method requires a laptop with an HDMI port. However, if your laptop is of the old model and lacks an HDMI port, then you can use the second method.

How To Charge a Laptop With HDMI

Let’s look at the two methods in detail.

1. Charging the laptop using HDMI to HDMI Cable

If your laptop has an HDMI port, then this is the best and easiest method to consider. To use this method, you’ll need the following items:

  • HDMI cable
  • TV supports an HDMI port

As I mentioned earlier, the method is only feasible if your laptop has an HDMI port. To charge the laptop, connect one end of the HDMI cable to the laptop port. Connect the other end to the TV port.

The charging light should turn on. If not, check your connections and ensure they are fitting perfectly to the ports.

It is a pretty straightforward method but one that takes a very long time to charge. However, this should be a temporary solution until you get a charger.

However, you need to remember one thing in your mind that laptop chargers feature special adapters that regulate the amount of voltage passing through. The current allowed usually charges laptops efficiently. HDMI cables on the other hand pass very little current to allow you to watch movies on big screens.

The low voltage is compatible with electrical devices and is what charges your laptop.

2. Charging the laptop Using HDMI to Type C Cable

Well, the second method can be used when a laptop lacks an HDMI cable. The lack of HDMI ports is common with manufacturers inclined towards slimmer laptops. Most tend to sacrifice various ports like the HDMI port.

You’ll need the following:

  • HDMI cable adapter

HDMI cable adapter

  • An adapter or a connector that converts into a Type C USB and HDMI

Connect the HDMI cable to the TV that supports HDMI. Next, connect the converted side to the laptop Type C USB port. The laptop charging light should appear to show it is charging.

These two methods can effectively charge your laptops. However, charging will be extremely slow.

Is it Safe to Charge a Laptop with HDMI?

No, it’s not safe to charge a laptop with HDMI. Laptops feature special chargers that regulate the amount of voltage passing through. When you charge laptops using HDMI for long periods, your laptop charging system might be spoiled over time, and later it might be one of the reasons for your laptop’s battery fast draining.

The method is only recommended for emergencies and should not be used for long periods.

HDMI cables should be used for connecting to larger screens when you want to watch HD movies. The small amount of voltage they produce is not safe for electrical devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still, many questions might be knocking in your mind after reading this article. Get most of the answers to your queries from the below section.

Can HDMI carry power?

HDMI cables can draw up to 300mA from 5V power supplies. This is how they are able to transmit videos for watching on bigger screens. However, the lack of voltage regulation and the current they draw is too small for long-term reliability.

Can you use HDMI to charge a laptop?

You can use an HDMI cable to charge a laptop if the laptop has an HDMI port. Even when the laptop lacks an HDMI cable, you can still connect using the Type C USB connector.

Can you charge a laptop with USB charge C?

If your laptop has a type C USB connector, then you can charge it using a USB-C connection. However, you need the other end to be connected to the HDMI port of your LCD TV.

How Can I Charge My Laptop With Another Laptop?

You can charge your laptop with another laptop by putting your battery in the other laptop. However, make sure the laptops use the same voltage. Once fully charged, you can take the battery and use it in your laptop.


Well, that wraps everything up! You now know: how to charge laptop with HDMI. However, this kind of charging is not recommended and should be avoided. You can only use it in times of emergencies when you cannot find a charger, and it’s absolutely necessary to use your laptop.

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